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Surprised by an Unexpected Treasure 
by Colleen Peterson
(Lutheran Alumnae of one of our Diocesan EfM Seminar)

A wise woman who was traveling in the mountains found a precious stone in a stream.   The next day she met another traveler who was hungry, and the woman opened her bag to share her food.  The hungry traveler saw the precious stone and asked the woman to give it to him.  She did so without hesitation. . .

What’s Real
by Heather Webster

(a sermon offered to our Bishop and EfM students at the 2011 EfM Graduation service for the Episcopal Diocese of Newark and the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey)

One day an EfM classmate presented “What’s REAL?” from The Velveteen Rabbit our Theological Reflection. This immediately struck a chord with me. I had listened to the audio book with my children dozens of times, yet had never stopped to really consider what that phrase “What’s Real?” meant to me. So I eagerly jumped into the discussion. Four years later. . .

Michelle LaFrage
Postulant, Community of St. John Baptist

. . . lt is good to be part of a group who prays for one another and encourages each other on a regular basis- God uses our study in a transforming way to teach us to know Him. He answers our questions according to the measure of our hunger for and obedience to the truths from His word contained in our learning material. I am increasingly awed over my salvation and find the wonder of knowing and loving God to be unfathomable.

Paul Shackford
St. Andrew's, Harrington Park
January, 2011

I first heard of EfM (Education for Ministry) a number of years ago. All I was told was that it was a four-year program - an in-depth study of the Bible. I didn' t have time to commit to the program but, as the years went on, I kept hearing about EfM.

I tried reading the Old Testament on my own . . . I stopped reading the Old Testament. I simply couldn' t follow it the way I felt I could follow the Gospels and Paul' s letters. While most sermons focus on the Gospel reading, I knew I was missing something by ignoring three-quarters of the Bible. Yet, every time I tried, I couldn' t make it out of Leviticus!
. . .

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